Recyclable expanded polypropylene for a circular economy.

Sustainability starts with the right material choice!

Moplen EP490H is a fully recyclable heterophasic copolymer specifically developed for foam applications.

Moplen EP490H exhibits:

Good dimensional stability

High stiffness

High impact properties at room and sub-zero temperatures

Outstanding creep and deforming resistance

Main applications

  • Extruded foamed sheets
  • Thermoforming
  • Extrusion blow molding

Ideal for food, rigid packaging, thermal insulation, and sound and shock absorption.

Market segments

  • Food packaging
  • Rigid packaging
  • Consumer goods
  • Building and construction

Product highlights


Moplen EP490H is a new grade with much higher foamability than any conventional PP and comparable foamability to EPS, allowing for lightweight and excellent thermal insulation properties.

Fully Recyclable

Moplen EP490H replaces banned single-use plastics like EPS. Mono-material packaging design is possible, offering a circular final product that is fully recyclable.

Light weight

Extremely easy to transport and handle

Reduced carbon footprint

Moplen EP490H can be attributed via ISCC PLUS certification with bio-circular feedstock, significantly reducing carbon footprint vs. regular fossil-based materials like EPS and PP.

Non-phthalate and BPA free

Moplen EP490H is produced with a non-phthalate catalyst, plasticizer free, BPA free, has no residual monomer, has reduced SMLs

Vegan Friendly

Additives used are NON Animal Derived Additives

Excellent mechanical performance

High stiffness, high impact properties at room and sub-zero temperatures, good dimensional stability, water and chemical resistant

A unique combination of foamability and thermoformability is now possible:

Moplen EP490H has a higher foamability than any conventional PP. It has a high melt strength and is suitable for the extrusion of foamed sheets, which are then submitted to thermoforming.

Moplen EP490H has finer and better-dispersed cavities, which means it can achieve a much lower density (EXAMPLE vs. conventional PP).

The surface appearance/aesthetics are vastly superior to conventional PP, providing a smooth surface, lower density, and increased impact resistance.

Case studies

Expanded PP for thermoforming

Standard PP

Poor thermoformability, “orange peel” on the surface

Moplen EP490H

Good thermoformability, smooth surface

Density (g/ml)

Impact deflection (mm)

Impact break (J)

Standard PP

Moplen EP490H

The LyondellBasell proposal as whole for expanded application, white light line


  • Light weighted
  • Improved thermal insulation behavior
  • Easy thermal deformability,
    increase in component rigidity
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Water and chemical resistant (closed cell)


Novel PP foam resin
Masterbatch Advanced Solutions


Moplen EP490H
Advanced Solutions

  • Polybatch UUJ9090 (endothermic
    blowing agent)
  • Polybatch CFPP 0260 NU
    (nucleating agent, PP carrier)
  • Polywhite , White
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