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Technyl C 102 NC DF
“An Innovative Nylon 6 Solution”

An advanced, unfilled PA6, designed for efficient injection moulding of electric and electronic (E&E) components

The wider


C 102 NC DF
PA 6, improved flowability, modified

Solution to improve pre-processing

V2@0.8mm, GWFI 850°C min @0.8mm
C 102 NC
PA6, improved flowability

PA6 market reference

V2@0.8mm, GWFI 850°C min @0.8mm
C 52G2
PA6 flame retardant

PA6 solution to overall fire and electrical properties

V2@0.8mm, GWFI 850°C min @0.8mm, RTI elec @120°C f1 NC & BK
PA66 flame retardant

Best FR performing solutions of PA66 familly

V0@0.4mm GWIT min 775°C full RTI f1 and f2 all colors
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C 102 NC
C 102 NC DF
The new solution
C 52G2
A 50H1 family
Further enhanced properties

In the steps leading up to the production of components from Nylon 6, there are several scenarios where friction between polymer granules generate dust. If left unchecked, this can lead to dust buildup in your pneumatic conveying and feeding systems resulting in regular maintenance such as frequent changing of air filters and enhanced clean downs. Failure to do so can increase production down time and the risk of quality issues in the final product.

To address this, DOMO have developed a novel solution to overcome this dust issue. Produced using innovative technologies, TECHNYL® C 102 NC DF significantly reduces the presence of micro-particles resulting in a more reliable and efficient production process.

Designed with E&E in mind

Technyl® C 102 NC DF has been developed for the efficient production of a wide range of electrical components:

Electric plugs




Markets & Trends:

  • E-Mobility
  • Household appliances
  • Automation
  • Renewable Energy

Product Highlights

Dust Free

Novel manufacturing technology limits dust build up in pneumatic conveying systems, facilitating efficient pre-processing of material.


Reduced cycle times for efficient production through improved flow and optimised processing.

Fire Performance

 Tailored FR packages from V2 to V0, GWFI 850-960oC and thicknesses down to 0.4 mm.


Colour solutions via compound or masterbatch technology, whilst retaining UL approvals* (UL certified masterbatches required).


Extensive certification ensuring high confidence in the safety and performance of your products. Including Yellow Cards and International Standards.

Mechanical Performance

Good mechanical properties supporting use in a broad range of applications and assembly methods (snap-fit and push-fit fixings).

Learn more about TECHNYL® C 102 NC DF’s enhanced processability with expert guidance from Florence Schutz, C&E Segment Manager at DOMO.

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